Chapter Quartets

Barbershop Harmony in a quartet is unmatched personal entertainment.  Four part harmony from four voices is a cornerstone of the society.  The Gentlemen of Harmony features an active group of excellent group of regular chapter quartets, some of whom are pictured below.  But beyond the music, quartetting is incredibly FUN way to participate!

Most quartets can be booked for singouts to bring a special sparkle to your event.  Please contact the quartets individually as shown below to experience the fun of close harmony... up close!


Sing Capella

Tenor Bill Wermer
Noel DeWinter
Baritone Ross Gowan
Mike Arnold


Sincerely Yours

Tenor Nestor Rosa
Gord Maskell
Baritone Gerry Wilhemlus
Charles Gillyat


  North Shore Four

Bas             Larry Heaslip
Tenor            Alan Daly
Lead            Paul Malcomson
Baritone        Terry Pond

Contact: Paul Malcomson
   Country Roads

Baritone             Ross Gown    
Bass                  Mike Arnold
Lead                  Mike Downing
Tenor                 Bill Werner

Contact; Ross Gowan


Sign Me Up!

TenorHari Gupta (Ottawa)
Fraser Gordon (Ottawa)
BaritoneRuss Doucet (Simcoe)
Yvon Blais (Ottawa)

Sign Me Up! quartet has sung on two Simcoe Harmony Showcase shows and has competed twice at Ontario District Level.  The love of music knows little boundary as this quartet includes members from both Simcoe and Ottawa -- all four are dual members of both the Simcoe Gentlemen of Harmony and the Ottawa Capital City Chorus.